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The Unison Bend

By Darren DeFranco


Hey GBUers!

Now that you guys have a pretty good handle on standard bending, we’re going to introduce some more advanced bending techniques. First up is the unison bend. This technique is a bit trickier than a standard bend but gives the effect of a true howling, crying guitar. Many bands from Led Zeppelin to Blue Oyster Cult to Hendrix have used this bend to add some power to their lead playing. The bonus of the unison bend is that it very easy to intonate because the you are playing the pitch you want to bend to. Use that to test youself!

Enjoy the unison bend guys!


Practice the unison bend along various places on the neck. You’ll notice that if you play a note on the first string, you can do a unison bend on the second string with your pinky three frets down. Similarly, if you play a note on the second string, you can play a unison bend with a note two frets up on the third string. Try out both of these bends along the neck for good practice!


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