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7th Chord Theory

By Darren DeFranco

Hey GBUers,

Music theory is so important because it helps us truly understand music from the inside out. Today we’re going to take a deeper look at 7th chords as we find out how they are put together and what the differences are between the different 7th chords. Really take your time to understand this lesson!

Good luck, and have fun!


It’s very important to take your time when it comes to theory lessons to make sure you internalize it. Figure out the notes that make up the following chords:

1) A major 7
2) E minor 7
3) G7
4) B major 7
5) D minor 7
6) Bb7


1) A C# E G#
2) E G B D
3) G B D F
4) B D# F# A#
5) D F A C
6) Bb D F Ab


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  1. sdfasdfasdf says:

    This one stops at 2:25……………..

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